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The following texts are articles written by Assurance Voyage G.B. which appeared in the Écho Vacances newspaper. (Note: the articles were originally published in French.) We have made them available here so you too can profit from them.

A few thoughts

Why do I need travel insurance offering extra health cover?

To cover the difference between the amounts paid by the RAMQ and the real cost of treatment for a medical emergency when you are outside the province.

What do I need to check when I want to buy travel insurance?

  1. Are you really eligible for the insurance plan that is offered to you?
    If you don’t meet the requirements for admissibility for a company (for example if you have had a heart bypass operation more than 8 years ago, or if you take Prednisone or Furosemide, etc.) and you try to make a claim, you could find that the company returns your premium, leaving you to pick up the medical bill.
  2. Are my pre-existing conditions covered?
    You’ll need to read the conditions of stability* of your insurance plan very carefully. Do you need 3 months, 6 months or a year of stability? You should note that for persons over 60 years of age, stability usually means for at least 6 months, or even 12 months for problems such as heart or lung disease, diabetes or cancer.

* Stability means: no new diagnosis, no new medication, no change in dosage – in short, your pre-existing condition must have shown no change during the specified period.

3. Does the plan I have been offered include any deductibles, and if so, what kind of deductibles?
If you accept any deductibles, make sure you understand them fully:

– Are they for the whole trip?

– Are they per claim?

– Are they in the case of hospitalization only?

* Often, deductibles can make you hesitate before consulting a physician, which could aggravate the situation.

4. Will my insurance company pay up front?
That’s to say, if you go see a physician or if you are hospitalized, will the insurance company pay the bills directly, or will you have to advance the funds then make a claim to be refunded?

These considerations for your travel insurance are rather limited, but I will have the chance to cover other subjects in our next newsletter.

See you soon

Angele Guimond

Assurance Voyage G.B.


Factors that Affect Acrylic Render Application

Many homes that are attractive externally depend on the type of finish the homeowner used. While many homeowners prefer painting and other finishing methods, the acrylic render finish is one of the best external finish methods that will leave your house shining, weatherproof, and admirable. The only type of external finish that reliable suppliers for acrylic render - Quickwall Render recommend is acrylic rendering technique.

When considering external protection of your house, acrylic rendering method should top the list. Concerning the type of your home, any external alteration can possibly involve a lot of work but in contact with certified companies such as Quick Wall Render, you need not worry because the quality finishes they offer can protect your house against harsh weather elements.

A number of factors affect your position when it comes to choosing your preferred home finish and being aware of them can definitely equip you with good knowledge when it comes to that point. Before you start shopping for your home finish, know some factors that affect your choice of an external finish.

The existing substrate of the finish

As a customer, you need to know the existing substrate of the finish you choose. Ask questions to your suppliers and detailed information about the finish of your choice. The substrates are therefore the materials under your finish. Concerning this, when using acrylic render, reliable suppliers for acrylic render – Quickwall Render often advise that the render has to respond to the surface it is applied on and move with it. Some finishes are also made of non-responding substrates and therefore it is advisable to get in touch with reliable companies such as Quick Wall for more information on quality finishes.

The desired colour of your chosen finish

Colour is the most important factor that deserves the first priority because without it, everything is invisible. You need to ensure that the colour you have chosen matches the environment of your home for an attractive look. Experts often advise that you need to render your house because it is difficult to find a fitting weatherproof with brick and stonework. However, using acrylic render is considered cheaper compared to painting and cladding.

 Components of your preferred finish

Different amount of components used in making renders can also affect your choice of a good render. They determine the quality of the finish and properties that can make you choose it. They include structural filler, water, fiber, and binding agent. Binding agent is the compound that holds the render together and acts as adhesive. The mostly used binding agents are cement, clay, and gypsum. Structural filler is therefore the volume that makes the heaviness of the plaster. Sand is the mostly used structural filler among other aggregates.

Water is a good solvent for the binding agent. It makes it more useful in achieving its purpose. In order to get the best results from external finish products, it is advisable to contact experts for acrylic render – Quickwall Render for appropriate advice. For more information about rendering techniques, visit

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Deciding on the Project Priorities: Tips

One of the big decisions that you have to make at the end of every financial year is the number of projects that you will undertake in the new financial year. There will be plenty of business planning, business projects, budget cycles and other projects that may need to be actioned in the coming year. It is a sign of growth and ingenuity if your business always has new projects to execute in order to expand the scope of its operations or quality of its services. Without that you will be staring at stagnation and very soon, your closest and more innovative competitors will be whizzing past you. With a business consultancy service UK has today for you, it will be easy for you to easily prioritize on the business projects that you need to prioritize on.

business consultancy service UK

Deciding on your priorities

In many cases, you have plenty of projects you need to do in any particular year. In this case, you will need to have a system of prioritizing what is most important for your business. You can contact business consultancy service UK providers in order to assist you with this process.

Balance the projects against impact

When it comes to prioritizing the business initiatives, it is important that you prioritize these against the potential impact that you will derive from the business initiatives. Look at the return on investment and work on those that will give you the best ROI first before you work on others.

Apart from the ROI on the business, there are many other aspects that you can look at when it comes to prioritizing the projects such as the potential impact on the initiative on the overall organization and the people that make up the organization. Look at the kind of workload that the business will grapple with when it comes to the implementation of the projects and how this will impact the overall operations, efficiency and the profitability of the business.

One thing that business consulting firms in the UK will advise you to do when implementing serial projects is to let one change settle down first before embarking on new initiatives for the business. When done this way, it will be possible for you to avoid the compounded effect of multiple negative projects backfiring on you which can be a huge drag on the business productivity.

Look at the capacity

Before embarking on business projects, it is also important to evaluate your capacity to accomplish these projects. With the help of a business consultancy service UK has, it will be possible for you to accurately project the impact of the various initiatives that you are undertaking. You need both the project management capability as well as the resources that will help you roll out new initiatives for your business. Where that is lacking, then you may need to hire a business consultant UK service in order to help build the required capacity to take your projects to conclusion. Looking for additional business consultancy service UK tips and services? Check out for more detail.

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Here is What to Know When Choosing a Company for Signage

Signage makes your business stand out. From illuminated signs to vehicle wraps, signage is meant to display your products or service and reach a wider audience. Reliable companies for signs Perth WA has to offer, usually provide a number of options including pylon signage, window graphics, and more.

signs Perth WA

When it comes to choosing a company for signage, you need to master a number of factors. Your preferred signage should convey the right information about your products or services. Besides, it should be attractive. When you look for who makes pylon signs in Perth, it is advisable to choose a company that will provide a product that reflects your intentions.

All the elements should appear on the signage clearly. Durability is equally important. You could achieve all these if you engage reliable providers of signs Perth WA currently has to offer. However, to land reliable service providers is a challenge because of numerous companies for sign writing in the market. Here are important concepts that you need to know:

Finding the company

The first step is to find a company that is able to meet your expectations. It should be able to manufacture, design, and install all kinds of designs. Additionally, it is important to check on the in-house team of the company and on the different options that they are able to offer.

For example, you could settle for vehicle signage, which is an important and cost-effective way of advertising for businesses. Whether it is one way or a complete wrap, it should meet your budget. Vehicle signage is a good way of advertising if you manage it well. With skilled flexible personnel who can handle any issue concerning signage, you rest assured of getting what you want.

Consider exterior signs

Exterior signs are important for businesses especially those that depend on walk-in customers. Whether it is a retail store or any business that needs to attract people from the street, a great exterior sign could make a big difference. Exterior designs should be durable and eye-catching. Besides, they should be in strategic places to attract the intended audience. To achieve such goals, you should involve a reliable company for signs Perth WA has to offer.

Consider interior signs

Interior signs are important especially if you want people to navigate the business premises. The interior signs would direct customers, making it easy for them to find what they want. To prevent this loss in business, you should have proper interior signs. The signs should be easy to read and placed in strategic positions. Consequently, ensure you get a cost effective signage solution that works well for your business. Similarly, while trying to find the best sign company in Perth WA, it is also advisable to check on their experience, reputation, solutions offered, price, and customer services.

Once you consider all the named factors, you are likely to find a reliable firm that offers an effective solution at affordable rates. Also, remember to make a wise decision. In Australia, you could find details about companies that make digital signage in Perth by visiting the website

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Advantages of services from the Canon plotter repair specialists

At times, even some of your best machines need repair, replacement and maintenance. One machine that you often overlook in your daily life is your printer. It is only used when required and at other times, it just sits on the shelf collecting dust. In fact, long periods of not using your printer might lead to the malfunction of this much needed device. Thus, if you think you need to opt for maintenance or a repair then it is best to get it serviced by the Canon plotter repair specialists. These specialists are well aware of the different types of problems that accompany this device and thus are the best to help you in this situation.

In fact, according to the latest news, there are less chances of any damage to your printers in its entire lifetime if you get it serviced by the Canon plotter repair specialists in Sydney, if you live there. There are many benefits of asking an expert to step in, some of which are highlighted below.

  • The professionals know the device better than you: It is always a good idea to get your devices serviced by the professionals. The most important reason is that you may know how to use it and its utility value, but the experts know the science behind it and its true worth. They would know the integrities of the model and its manufacturing, thus making it easier for them to dismantle the whole device, repair it and then re-mantle it back again. Hence, you must take the help of the any of the Canon plotter repair specialists.
  • They offer free guidance and maintenance tips: Another added advantage that you are offered when you call any of the Canon plotter repair specialists is free tips and tricks to maintain your device. An expert always believes in sharing their knowledge with you. Thus, you will get to hear lots of suggestions which would help you to maintain and look after your device in a better way in the future.
  • They offer their services at reasonable rates: When you think about calling in the specialists like the Canon plotter repair specialists, one thing which haunts your mind is the hole about to be drilled in your pocket. But this is not the case. These services are very much within your budget and affordable. At times, there are even discounts on repairing services. You actually get more than what you have bargained for in the price demanded for the service. This would include the service at your place or the service centre, complete maintenance of your machine and even free guidance. Thus, it is a much desirable option to choose, making your device long lasting and functional without a glitch in the future.

Hence, these are some of the essential advantages that the expert guidance can give you regarding your printers. In case you would like to search more about these professional organisations or companies or find Canon plotter repair specialists in Sydney, then you can browse through some online websites like to help you further.

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How to Determine if You Have Hormonal Imbalance

Remaining healthy is extremely important for both ladies and males. It is crucial that females stay on top of their health problems due to the fact that females are vulnerable to hormonal imbalance. One method to make sure that you will prevent hormonal imbalance is to visit any top of the line medical centres in Brisbane or neighboring areas. These centres have medical specialists who are trained to identify and discover hormonal issues that impact both men and women. Image result for Medical Centres Research studies reveal that hormones impact your skins and one method to make sure that ladies will have fresh looking skin is to have stabilized hormones. Repairing hormones can considerably enhance your health. If you seem like you are continuously under the weather and have acne breakouts on your face, you may wish to go to the closest medical centre to discover if your hormones required repairing. Indications of Hormonal Imbalance In some cases, it is extremely simple to identify if a woman struggles with hormonal imbalance. There are cases when the issue is not identified on the superficial level. Going to the top of the line medical centres in Brisbane will help you figure out whether you have a hormone imbalance. It is best to speak to an expert for womens health Brisbane has today to make sure that your health issues are resolved correctly. Even if you might not presume that you have a hormone imbalance, you still have to go through a medical examination. Click here SmartClinics Below are a couple of indications of hormone imbalance: 1. Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Depression. Some ladies experience mood swings, stress, and anxiety prior to the start of their period. Research studies likewise reveal that females who have depression generally have a hormone imbalance. 2. Stomach Fat and Persistent Weight Gain. You may desire to go through medicals Brisbane physicians offer today if you have an issue losing weight. If you have a hormonal imbalance, experts have a way of managing your weight gain. 3. Sleep Disorders. Normally, ladies find it hard to go to sleep prior to the start of their period. Hormones that help you go to sleep normally drop greatly after giving birth. 4. Sweating. You must go to a medical centre that caters to both women and mens health Brisbane wide if you observe that you have extreme and irregular sweating. Harvard Medical Schol scientists learned that sweating might be a hormone condition so if you do not wish to be embarrassed because of extreme sweating, speak with a physician for appropriate intervention. 5. Hunger Pangs. There are hormonal agents in your body that control your hunger and cravings. Talk to an expert to examine the root of the issue if you continuously feel hungry. In some cases, the absence of sufficient sleep can trigger hormone imbalance so ensure to obtain a good night’s rest. The above items are simply a couple of indications of hormonal imbalance. Keep in mind that males can likewise experience hormonal imbalance and not just ladies. The next time you feel any of these signs mentioned above, never think twice to talk to a medical professional in Brisbane or nearby medical centres to resolve your issues. You can likewise check out for more information.
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Top 3 Questions to Ask When Thinking About Doing Office Enhancements

Over the recent years, building advancement has actually drawn attention from federal governments and specialists worldwide. The building and construction market might be specified as being made up of organisations associated with the style, production, modification, restoration, upkeep, center management, demolition and recycling of structure, materials supply, and civil engineering works, but on site building construction management can be actually performed by a variety of ways depending on your chosen construct path. Among the essential elements for the success of a construction job is to have a strong task strategy that does not only function as a roadmap for job supervisors to follow, but also check out why supervisors choose such interactions and control tool throughout the task.

Working with experts to complete building enhancements is important, rather than doing them by yourself. They use budgeting and estimates, so you will understand just how much you will need to pay out. They will also send out a skilled building and construction supervisor to manage the whole project and collaborate with electrical contractors, plumbing technicians, carpenters, and other crucial individuals to finish the job. Whatever office renovation project you might have today, ensure to seek the advice and service from specialists who offer on site building construction management.

Before hiring the services of building construction experts, you may want to ask the following questions:

Question #1: Do You Want to Enhance the Look of Your Office Bathroom?

Winter season is likewise the very best time to upgrade the restroom in your office by providing the walls with a fresh coat of paint. With less humidity present throughout the winter season, the paint used will likewise dry much faster. You can request for a bold paint colour to contrast the dismal weather condition or you can likewise try paints that supply high thermal insulation along with security versus mould and germs development discovered in restrooms. Not only will you provide fresh life to your office restroom walls, you will likewise keep undesirable germs away.

Question #2: Have You Thought About Adding Insulation?

Insulation might assist make your office more energy efficient. The building project manager can inspect the ceiling, basement, and crawl spaces to see if you may need extra insulating products on them. There are a number of insulation products like spray foam, blown cellulose or fiberglass, and batts made from cotton or fiberglass depending on your building structure. Expert specialists that provide onsite structure construction management will offer you insights on the best insulation product for your office.

Question #3: Have You Thought About Updating Your Floors?

It is throughout winter season when you see that the flooring in your office is not keeping in heat like it should. Or your carpet might currently be worn that is why your building is not keeping adequate heat. If this holds true, you may have to revitalize your floorings and change your carpets to offer brand-new life to your interior. Insight Unlimited Experts in on site building construction management will help look for contractors to update your office floors.

There is no alternative to work competence within the field. Building and construction job supervisors combine their instructional background with real-world information to monitor their teams and results. When at a building and construction site, you are going to encounter scenarios that can be difficult to handle. BUt with the help of construction supervisors, any issue will be dealt with properly until the completion of your project. Read more at

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Top Advantages of Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities can help you stay organized with your belongings whether you are moving or in your current home. However, it is advisable to understand how you can benefit from a self-storage facility. Before you approach a Spotswood self storage provider, here are common areas in which you would like to utilize a facility for self-storage.

Household storage

 If you want a convenient place to store your belongings away from home, you can rely on the convenience and security of a self-storage facility. The facilities are ideal for storing items that you cannot fit in the space at home. It can help you de-clutter your basement or to create space for other items. Household materials to store in a self-storage facility range from sporting items to seasonal clothing. You can also store collections and anything else that may not find space in your home.

One of the benefits of storage facilities is privacy. Once you sign a contract with a reliable storage provider, you will get the key to your unit, which you can visit anytime and no other person has access to it. Spotswood self storage companies can also offer business storages. Besides, if you’re looking for a reliable provider for Southbank packing materials, you can approach a reliable company that offers self-storage services in the area.

A storage facility remains yours as long as the contract is still in force. This gives you the opportunity to reclaim space in your home where you can store other belongings that you use frequently. Create space in your shed so you can access your gardening tools easily. Similarly, you can have more space in your garage.

Spotswood self storage

Vehicle storage

You can use a self-storage facility to store any vehicle that you cannot fit in your home. If you are in Fitzroy, you can rely on Fitzroy self storage providers. Using the facility as a fully enclosed garage space implies that your belongings are safe and available whenever you need them. Click here for Public Self Storage

For example, it is more economical to store a boat near the lake or beach where you use it regularly than to store it far away. Similarly, there is no need of keeping in your garage a car that you don’t use. At the same time, you can store the kids’ car when they travel. This can create more space in your garage and driveway.

Document storage

If you thought only large items are suitable for storage in Spotswood self storage facilities, then you should read this to the end. Self-storage facilities are convenient for document storage too. For instance, you can decide to store office records, personal documents, or tax files in the facility. Some self-storage facilities also offer document pickup and retrieval. This can enable you to decongest your office as you remove files and documents that you don’t use regularly. Besides, once stored, you can be sure that your documents are in a safe environment.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned here, self-storage facilities come with additional advantages such as variety, flexible storage plans, and insurance against any risk. For more details, just visit

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Employee Performance Factors to Look Into for Better Productivity

A decent range of abilities and great work ethics are some of the traits that can make employees compelling. In any case, there are still more variables that may influence your employees’ execution that you as a director should know about. Directors need to work to enhance and give your representatives the devices to succeed and get the best performance from them. For more information 社員研修


Listed below are some critical components you have to concentrate on:

• Besides the employee’s paycheck, there should be some kind of inspiration to help them be productive at work. This can be as money-related motivations, promotion openings or the opportunity to get associated with business ventures.

• Inciting a sense of duty in the workers be it offering an aggressive pay, better advantages bundle, creating customary employee training plans, upgrading gear, and other things that show you cherish their endeavors to perform better.

• Never expect more from them than what was laid out as part of the working responsibilities they were contracted for.

• Managers should unite with their employees to devise a strategy regarding how to enhance their profitability, including employee training.

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Make sure your passport is in order

Your passport is your best proof of your Canadian citizenship. If you wish to travel abroad, make sure that your passport and those of your family are valid.

Make a photocopy of the identification page of your passport

Make a photocopy and keep it separate from the original throughout the trip. For greater security you can also leave a copy with a friend or family member in Canada. If you lose your passport, this will greatly simplify its replacement.

Do you have any special needs?

Many countries do not offer accessible equipment for persons who require a wheelchair, nor do they have any services in place to cope with the special needs of the hard of hearing, the blind or those with a physical handicap.

Get informed by consulting an organization for the handicapped in your region or by speaking to travelers who have already visited the country in question. There are also several travel guides available specially written to meet the needs of persons with special needs.

Get the advice of a doctor

It is strongly recommended that travelers have a full medical checkup and personal risk evaluation by a doctor or travel clinic. Based on the risks to your health that the doctor may discover, (s)he will be best placed to offer the appropriate vaccinations or precautions that you must take for your trip.


Before leaving Canada, make sure well in advance whether you need any special vaccinations or any preventative treatment against illnesses such as yellow fever, typhoid, meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis or malaria. If you need any clarifications regarding this matter, you should consult your physician, your local office of the Canadian Society for International Health, the FAXlink service from Health Canada or the Health Canada web site.


If you take any medication, make sure you take with you more than you need in case you stay longer than planned. It is highly recommended to take a copy of your prescription, especially if you are visiting a country with strict laws relating to narcotics.

You should also ask your physician for an extra prescription indicating the common name as well as the commercial name of your medication. You will need this if your original medication is lost or stolen.

Also, if you wear eye-glasses or contact lenses, it would be a good idea to take your prescription with you so you can replace them if necessary.

Never carry packages from one country to another for anyone.

Choose your travel companions carefully. Never cross a border with a hitch hiker, or as a hitch hiker. Even if you don’t have anything illegal on you, that may not always be the case for your fellow travelers.


If you are going on a long trip, you can make arrangements to have your mail sent either poste restante, or to the Canadian Mission closest to you. The Mission will keep any letter-mail (no parcels) until you collect it, but they can’t forward it.

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